Ro Men

I spent some time with men last night. It is always good for me to be in a group with men. There is something about it that strengthens. One of our men had been tasked with summarizing Romans 1-11 in three minutes. He did not quite hit the time, but he did a great job of saliently sharing the letter. One of our men had been tasked with organizing a time for fellowship. Another had been asked to do some administrative work. Each man had been assigned a task to complete before our meeting last night. They all did.

Men like tasks. We like a sense of accomplishment. We do not like large, complex challenges that take alot of time and effort, but we do like simple things that we can get an "atta boy" for. Just thought that would be good for you women readers to know.

How does that apply to worship? I think God designed us to be creators. I think He wants us to be in a sweet spot of doing, without the angst of rejection or failure. Here is the good news: With God, any attempt we make is good. There is no eternal grading scale.

We have made the grade even though we fail. So we can move towards loving sincerely, being devoted to one another, being joyful in hope and patient in affliction. We can practice hospitality. We can even feed our enemies.

All of those are "doing" things that come from our being in Christ. And as we "do", we can know that our Father is noting our accomplishments and failures and saying, "Well done."

So, what will you do today? Do all unto the glory of God.