Another Death

We are really thinking of the eternal this week. A second person in the neighborhood died after a long illness. His daughter was a friend of my daughter in High School. Two in a few days like this has got me to thinking that the body does not last. It breaks down sooner rather than later to illness and then death. Time really is short and it is important for us to live for now and then.

So how can I live for eternity? Jesus helps. He more than helps. He is eternal and He was before time. He has called us all into being and now we are eternal too. We will go on forever. So we might do some long range planning. Most of it should be centered around Him. To do:

1.Get to know Him better
2.Get to know His heart for the nations and how He will empower me to have joy in service there.
3. Learn to trust Him in all things as He is trustworthy.
4. Dream about the eternal so I can take my eyes off of the temporal
5. Realize that relationships count and live to that end.
6. Remember that I am a sinner and that He is the savior.