One Degree

So, I know a man who knows Madonna and Justin Timberlake. I asked him today how they were doing and he said fine. I can't tell you who he is as that would be inappropriate, but I tell you the fact just to say I am within reach of two of the most popular entertainers of our time.

I can not imagine I will meet them, and I do not have a burning desire to do so, but it is intriguing to know some one who knows someone. As I reflected on it today, I thought, I am one step away from the God of the universe. Creator, sustainer and judge. I know him through Jesus. He tells me God is doing fine too and he invites meet to meet with Him.

That is more than cool because Jesus also intercedes for me with God the Father. I don't think Justin is asking my friend how I am doing. So it is good for me to use a picture the world would hold up and say, "Wow!" to; and hold it up to the greatness of our God and say, "Oh my God!"