Spring Braking

For many of us this is the beginning of a week away--a much-needed time to get out of town and slow down. Perhaps you are reading this from a beach house in the Carolinas, or a home rented in Augusta for Master's week. Or maybe you are spending the week in Hawaii with old friends, or in a rented cabin out west. Wherever we are this week, we can all agree that time off from the daily grind is a good thing. Tension mounts and comes to a head and before we implode we need to slow down; relax, sleep in, and get some quality times with the kids. It really does wonders for the soul.

God loves rest--He promises it to his people...a trusting rest, not a lazy rest. This is a non-anxious, contented rest that comes from knowing who He is, all powerful, all knowing, all loving, Almighty. Knowing this doesn't result in passivity or slothful apathy. It's mysterious, but this resting is very much's exercising faith.

That's our hope for you this week. That you take this time to nuture your soul by focusing on things above. And in your resting that you'd remain active this way.
Worship well this week--it will do your soul good.