Patti Lupone

I do not know anything about her spiritual or moral character, but I love her voice. She was the original Fantine in "Les Miserables", the original Evita and now at 59 she is opening as Mama Rose in Gypsy on Broadway. I would love to get to hear her live. We have the original cast recording of Les Mis and listen to it often. When she sings, "I Dreamed a Dream" it still brings me to tears. Amazing voice.

She was interviewed about the new role and age. She said, "Knock on wood, that I can maintain it," Lupone says. "But right now I am feeling pretty good. You build muscle. There's no mystery about it at all. It's keeping that muscle flexed and strong. It requires the doing of it."

I thought that was good. "It requires the doing of it." That rang spiritually true to me. She has a gift from God, a great voice. It is a muscle that requires work to keep it "doing." We have been endowed by Our Creator. Are you a writer? Leader? Servant? Encourager? Deep thinker? There is no mystery about what you need to do. It is a muscle and it requires "the doing of it."