Some of you may remember being in college or college age and having a group that would gather from time to time to hang out, eat, play music etc.

"Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance.."

Now, I know I have convenienty forgot the hard part about those days, or maybe that is a topic for another blog, but today I am remembering the first time I heard Cat Stevens, "Peace Train" or Marvin Gaye's, "Mercy Mercy Me" or sitting with friends as they played original music.

There is something in our souls I think that wants community through song and singing. It transcends talk. It makes a memory. It makes you want to roll down the car window and turn it up. It connects.

This weekend end at Perimeter we will have an acoustic worship set (with a bit of percussion by our key man Drew) As I sat in rehearsal last night I thought, "Warm, rich, friends, college days, family and community" It will be a treat as Laura, Scott, Drew, Mike and Stephen take us to the throne. Enjoy.