Contentment and Grass

There's a lot up in the air for me right now...kind of the nature of my age and stage, being single in my 20s [This is Scott by the way. I'm blogging in Randy's stead this week as he's away on Spring Break]. Everyone's in transition, enjoying the freedom that this stage affords, changing jobs and moving, or going back to school for another degree while life allows it. These are all good things, but in a lot of cases we sometimes are pursuing that illusive thing, the "it" that will make us happy; and I don't think that's exclusive to my age and stage.

I was chatting with a friend last night about this. He was considering moving downtown to be closer to the action and fun that's bound to be happenin there, but he'd have to jump through a lot of impractical hoops to do that. In the course of the conversation he said, "Guess I'm just looking for that greener grass"--we all tend to do that, don't we? There's a bit of our old man in us saying 'There's gotta be something better.' Yep, contentment is hard to come by when our expectations run away with us, life doesn't pan out like we hoped, and we are seeking "God plus x" to satisfy, rather than being grateful in the plot of grass He's given us.

We know the reality...that no situation or life circumstance will satisfy--they'll all have their drawbacks once we're there. Believing otherwise is a "chasing after the wind." But having Him, and knowing Him--that makes the brownest of lots green. We need contentment to say along with Paul in Philippians 4 that we've found the secret; and that's a supernatural change that God works in our hearts as we ask. So I'm thinking the grass may look greener from here, but it'll need mowing too--so let's look to the Maker of the grass and be thankful.