Saviour King

"Let now the weak say I have strength,
By the Spirit of power,
that raised Christ from the dead.
Let now the poor stand and confess,
That my portion is Him
and I'm more than blessed."

This is from our friends at Hillsong. A powerful anthem of a song that speaks of our need and His ability. Those of us who are weak want strength. And we all want, as Paul asks for in his letter to the Philippians, "the power of the resurrection" don't we?

What does that mean, for the guy or gal who has to get up and head off to the office every day, doing a job he does not like, working with people who are difficult and enduring a boss who does not manage him or her well? How is the power of the resurrection manifested in that?

Perhaps, by us not trying. If you try and find "significance" in that type of life, you will be disappointed. So I might encourage you to give up. What then? Maybe just to stand at your desk and softly confess that your portion is Him. You won't feel different in all likelihood. What you are doing is just speaking the truth over your soul.

Then you can sit back down and get back to work. Perhaps the spirit will change things. If not, you can recall the truth: you are weak and poor and your portion is Him.

Now that may not sound very joyful or "happy." I want to encourage you to reconsider. It may be the most joyful thought available to any of us. By "us" I mean the new man in Christ. Our sin nature will say, "What about the boss, co-workers, situation?" Not a good question. Remember you are weak and poor and your portion is Him. He is the only portion you have. You have nothing to do with them.

Last point: As you live with Him being your portion, you will change. You will begin to have compassion on them, and love them with out getting emotionally entangled in a negative way. They are who they are: sinners created in the image of God. And you are weak and poor; but a person who has God Almighty for his portion.