The Envelope Please

We are having a wedding and we sent out invitations. People are responding. It did not cross my mind that we would have this onslaught of mail. 90% yes and about 10% regrets.

It is kind of exciting to go to the mailbox each day and see who said "yes" and sad to hear who can not come. As we "count" the yes RSVPs we are filled with joy.

Jesus speaks of a feast to be held. Invitations have been sent. Some will be yes and some no and there will be more rejoicing than we can imagine as the envelopes are opened and the names are read.

I am thinking today that my role (my wife actually did it) is to deliver the mail; send out the invites. I am called to deliver. They are called to respond and He will open the envelopes. Time to lick some more stamps. Blessings