Darlene Zschech and Julia

For those of you not able to be at Perimeter today, the worship was amazing. The choir, Allan, Ryan and the band played and sang from the heart. And then Julia. I can not describe it fully. Something spiritual happened in her and through her and we all witnessed a woman worshipping the Lord. Recklessly and with abandon she sang from her heart and led us well in worship. Someone said Darlene and Hillsong would take her in a minute if they knew where she was.

I taught the choir a new vocabulary word today: Cardiphonia. It means an utterance of the heart. That is what Julia, had along with the choir and Ryan. Now having said that, may I say that all on stage and those who preached were wonderful. I don't mean that in a patronizing way. God showed up. Maybe first through Julia, but then the spirit moved around the stage, the choir risers, the guitars, keys and drums to the preacher's heart and even the worship pastor. From there it was an easy jump to the congregation. The wind starts somewhere. Today it was with our friend Julia. Thank you Lord for her. Thank you for the spirit.