The parade is over

Easter 2008 done. I am tired. We worked hard this week to prepare for the Maundy Thursday service as well as Easter.

I know my friend Laura Burgess worked harder at St Paul's Cathedral in London.They know how to celebrate Easter and she is the person in charge. Donkeys, foot washing, baptisms...they do it all during Holy week. But by American Presbyterian standards we did alot.

So it is over. Kind of like a parade that has passed by. It is quiet and there is much to be cleaned up. We will get to that Monday. This evening we will rest as a family and reflect.

As I think, I think that the parade really isn't over. He leads us in triumphal procession. He is always moving His kingdom and His people forward. Easter will come again. 2009, 2010, 2020 and then, one day He will come.

We will still celebrate Easter then. We will celebrate an event like this forever and it will get better and better. I don't know if we will use donkeys on Palm Sunday, but we will find a way to celebrate with joy His accomplishment, His love and His heart for us. Blessings