Bright Day

It is a bright, sun shining day today in Atlanta. Birds chirping, blooms budding and a blue sky above. Weather wise, all is right with the world. Our dog is sunning herself on the deck and the cats are loafing around. It is quiet. All I can hear is the tick of the clock and the hum of the refrigerator.Beautiful.

As I sit here, I think all of this is made possible by Him. The One who endured the dark, cold night when all He could hear was a cry of anguish and all He could feel was the wrath of God. It is finished.

Days like this will come and go in Atlanta. The earth is corrupt and all that is in it. There is much darkness underneath this thin veneer of blue sky and warm sun. It will make it self known soon enough. But today, we should enjoy. The light of the world has looked down, and come down, and gone down to lift us up to the Son.

A day like today is to be remembered. Worship Well this weekend.