Babies in Heaven

As we spoke on the phone, I knew I would have to remind us both. He did not need to hear the basic theology of God's sovereignty or Jesus' love for those who lose a child in early stages of pregnancy. He did not need to hear about the comforting work of the Holy Spirit. Frankly, he and his wife live those truths.

What we both needed to be reminded of was what we believe about salvation. Can a baby that has been in the womb for just 8 weeks die and go to heaven? We say yes. We believe that Jesus paid the price for sin for those who belong to Him. We believe we are born in iniquity (translate that conceived (ie) a person is a person at conception when life begins).

We believe that you do not have to walk an aisle to get saved. The Holy Spirit applies the work of redemption as he chooses to hearts of stone, then we walk. We believe if you can not walk, the Spirit still did all the work. The thief on the cross was not walking anywhere.

We believe that today, this very day, a Wreyford baby is in heaven and one day his (or her) mother and father will be joyfully re-united with him, never having seen him smile, or learn to walk or read. We believe this child was chosen.

That is what we believe and what we needed to be reminded of today as we grieve. Worship Well