I was thinking about the text in Matthew 27 as I listened to the message this weekend. The people say, "Let his blood be on us and our children!" They are talking about Jesus and they are meaning that they will be responsible for the decision to crucify him as well as the consequences of it.

I got to thinking that His blood is on all people. Either in a condemnatory way or a salvific way. His blood will cover us all. I can debate that with those who do not believe and probably get myself in trouble, so I would not use this as an evangelism tool. But, I think it is good to think about as we look at people.

Are they covered by the blood and therefore protected from the wrath of God or are they walking around with bloodguilt on their souls from their sin that has not been washed away? Everyone is covered by Him.

As I think, I think It is better to be broken on the rock then be smashed by it and it is better to be covered by the blood then to be condemned by it. Thank God for His work for His children. Worship Well