Ballet Dancers

I had the pleasure of leading a brief devotional time for the ballerinas who will perform in Cinderella at Weslayan this weekend. They are from our Academy of the Arts School of Ballet and they are amazing.

I walked in when they were warming up for their class. For the novitiates among you, ballet dancers do alot of warming up including barre exercises. I thought I would jump in for fun.

The girls giggled but continued on. I never had the form, not for one second and I completely lost it when they did this quick motion thing with their leg. As I watched, they continued to warm up, using music. Some Shust, some Story and then "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord". During that song they lifted their legs at a ninety degree angle and held them there. The younger girls struggled with the position, but the older girls held firm.

No one corrected the younger ones. They knew they did not have the leg strength. That takes time and patience and perseverance. If we want strength, it will rise as we wait upon the Lord and as we work. I find myself getting antsy often. I don't want to wait or work, so I cut a corner. Strength will not come that way. You can not just jump into a barre exercise and expect to do well.

I told the girls I would be back again. Not to do barre, but to be inspired to work as I wait upon the Lord. Can I encourage you to seek inspiration and to step into thing that will move you to excellence through work? Wait upon Him and don't give up. Blessings.