Lost - Penny Love

This is just for the Lost fans out there:

Penny loves Desmond with an undying love that is sacrificial. She will pursue him anywhere over anytime to find him. She will wait by the phone until he calls. He is her constant.

I also think that Desmond loves her. He is a fumbling idiot who is weak and makes foolish decisions, but he loves her. She is his constant. Over time I predict they will be united. True love.

So I am thinking, could Jesus be my constant? He is unchangeable, powerful, eternal and independent. Who could be better to fix my eyes on, pin my hopes to and bank my future on in the next time zone? No one. And He loves me too, waits for the call of my prayers and He will not be thwarted in His mission to find every corner of my soul for redemption.

Just for you Lost fans. Blessings