Freedom Fighter

The name usually is asociated with someone who is trying to liberate a country from an oppressor. Someone who is willing to give of his life for the sake of freedom.

In service yesterday I mentioned the Declaration of Arbroath and how Scotsmen petitioned the only one they thought could help them against the oppression of the English. They were freedom fighters, but they did not have the power to overcome their enemy. They needed someone bigger.

For the Scots it did not work out too well, so the analogy breaks down, sorry to say. For us it will work much better. Let me make a bold statement: You have something in your life, some problem, some challenge, or some fear that is preventing you from freedom in some area of your life. Can you take a minute and think about what is gnawing at you, what is occupying brain space, what is "always there" in your life that you wish would be dealt with in a positive way?

The only way for a positive result is to petition a Freedom Fighter. One who is more powerful, has full view and can do what needs to be done. I would choose the man who conquered sin and death to be the one.

How do we go about appropriating His service. By asking. Ask yourself if you are in Christ. Do you believe He is the Son of God and He led a pefect life and died a cruel death for the remission of your sins? Do you believe He will come again in glory? Do you in some small but growing way want to follow after Him? Are you willing now to die to self, to the life of the flesh that you might be caught up in His spirit?

If so, then tell Him what the issues are and release him to do as He pleases. It may not always be comfortable, but it will always be re-assuring to know that he is lovingly sovereign.

Matt Ballard preached a great message on David and Goliath this weekend at Perimeter. It s available at on the podcast site. I encourage you to listen in as he really opened up the word to point us all to the real hero. Worship Well.