Worshipping together

As we continue in the season of Lent, I have been compelled to coordinate a time to get together with others to worship. Most of you will not be able to make it, but maybe I can inspire you to start something where you are. I plan on having a 2p to 2:30p time of worship at the office. It will not be work time, it will be non-work time and it will be only 30 minutes.

I may have some musicians, but I am prepared with an imix I have created for thirty minutes of praise, prayer and worship. The songs are well known (no song sheets needed) and then I have programmed in "selahs" (instrumentals) for prayer time. I have been using it in the car and it has been a rich time. Hopefully it will be helpful to people.

The most important thing I think is this: Christians need to gather more otften then Sunday. Muslims do it five times a day. We Christians, if we are to like each other and have community need proximity to one another and to God. So pray for me and us if you can not come. If you are in the neighborhood, 2p in the Prayer Room. Worship Well