Row Man

The men gathered around and opened the book. The Book.

"I am not much of a scholar," the teacher said as he began the overview. "I do know this: we have peace with God because of Jesus." No need to be much of a scholar to get that is there? The apostles were unschooled men. No one in our group has a Phd. We too are just ordinary men looking to an extraordinary God.

Peace with God. We did not always have that. Once, as Edwards said, we were, "Sinners in the hands of an angry God." Or as Scott said, "Objects of wrath." (Paul said that too, but I heard it from Scott last night)

But then Jesus came. Every analagy of forgiveness breaksdown, but TJ tried with a heartwarming story to share the emotion of the moment. Robby aded his own word pictures to try and grasp the meaning. Martin shared about the joys of suffering. Chris had deep questions and Matt had some "Hmmm?!?" moments as we plumbed the depths of Romans 5 last night.

The Word is too deep for any man to fully understand. But we all tried, and we all were changed a bit as rowed together. And our leader for the evening did a wonderful job of balancing us between rabbit trails and the Roman Road

So why blog about it? Well, I just want to from time to time encourage you to be in a group. I really long for people to have the type of fellow ship we had last night. No hidden agenda, just a heart to help. Blessings.