Unclaimed Benefits

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is holding $133 million in unclaimed pension benefits for 32,000 people owed money from terminated defined benefit pension plans. Does that amaze you? People have a benefit due them, that has been earned, and they have either forgotten about it or for some other reason not claimed it. Amazing.

You can go online and find out that there are millions of dollars that are unclaimed just sitting out there. People have literally left money on the table.

It got me thinking over the past few days. Do I have unclaimed benefits? In Christ we have more than much. We have all. Joy and peace and wisdom and power. The ability to serve and love. Assurance and sanctification. All the benefits that come from being adopted as sons and heirs.

Do I leave them unclaimed? Sadly, often I do. I leave them and live on less, at the poverty level. One of the unclaimed pensions I read about was over $600,000. That would make a big difference in my life. The benefits of joy and service would make a bigger difference.

So tonight I am looking and meditating and thinking about the unclaimed benefits, and I am getting up to go and get them by the power of the Spirit.

How about you? Got any unclaimed? Claim them, they belong to you, because He gave them to you for His name sake.

Worship Well