They are coming!

This week if you are in Atlanta you will have the joy of meeting one of about twenty people we know who kingdom build elsewhere. India, Russia, Thailand, Tanzania, Guatemala...they are our partners in building the kingdom and are coming for a gathering of sorts. I want to encourage you to take advantage of it.

For those of you not in Atlanta, lets talk. What is a missionary? In the old days you packed up your bags and left home. Now a days, we partner with local people but, they do not consider themselves missionaries. They are at home.Or are they? Or are we? Paul says we are ambassadors for Christ. This is not our home. Atlanta is not what our passport says as "place of residence". So we are here as they are there. On mission.

Meeting them reminds us of that, so we can do better here what they do so well there. Why do they seem to do it "better, richer and deeper?" I think because they are more of a minority than we are. And I think they praise and worship more than we do. And I think we can learn alot this week for those of us who live in Atlanta. For those who don't I want to encourage you to download the messages. Blessings.