Lent and Lost

It starts Wednesday. Lent. It the 40ish days before Easter and it has traditionally been a time for the church to repent, to think about the crucifixtion and to reflect on death. A somber time in some respects. We will not always live on this island. We will die and thereby be rescued.

So how should be enter in? Maybe the first question is "Will we?" Will we begin to believe that we will be rescued that will be good or, will we live in fear and hide from those who could help us get where we need to go, even if that means going through some hard times?

Reality is better than fantasy. Some who are Lost are thinking, "Hang on to what I know" and others have said, "I must leave what is not healthy." It may seem to be relative but it is not. There is one truth and it is not found in isolation.

Sorry if I just mystified those of you who do not watch Lost!

Here is what I mean: The hope we have, the only hope is Jesus. He is the one who came for us and will come again and, if we cling to anyone, or anything, or any skill, or any dream, or any gift, more than Him, now is the time to get off that island. Lent is the time to leave by the power of His spirit and approach The Friday clinging to nothing. Just bringing yourself back to the tomb to see that you have died with Christ. And then Sunday that you have been raised with Him. Lent is the time.

So, what is the plan? I plan to worship and pray with friends Monday through Thursday until Maundy Thursday. That night I will go to the table with them. During this time, I hope He will break down walls, build bridges or maybe even re-create a submarine so I can get off the island I live on. I am not quite sure I like the idea of a helicopter ride. Worship Well