From Mumbai with Love

Shelton Davidson was with us today. He is the pastor of new Life Fellowship in Mumbai, India. Mumbai is a city of 20 million or so with a significant percentage of the people living in slums. The ministry has grown by the power of the Spirit. The kingdom is alive in India!

He brought a wonderful message to us. To pray more. To live in the light of eternity and to learn to wash feet. He so confirmed in my mind and heart what God has been putting on my mind and heart. More prayer and praise, more simple acts of service that indicate we love and, underneath that, living with a sense that we are eternal and our lives are dedicated to Him.

The gospel is not complicated. Our lives are complicated, but not the gospel. Go! Love! Remember! Those three things are bound together in prayer and praise. When we worship we remember He loves us and that compels us to love and to go.

Tonight we had a mini night of worship. Jeff and team led us well and the videos were moving. I hope to get them posted on our Youtube Site. Tonight we praised and prayed and remembered. I am strangely believing that God is doing a fresh work at our church. There is not "tangible" evidence I can point to, but there is a spirit of prayer and praise like I have not seen.

I believe He is breaking through and He will lead us, perhaps in a direction that will cause us to share more of who we are and learn more from those who are. We will see. We will seek. Worship Well.