Many people are a bit reticent to boast in their skills, but almost everyone knows what they are good at. It is usually at the center of what you like to do, what energizes you and what other people tend to notice or appreciate. They may even compliment you from time to time.

It could be cooking or speaking or singing, or the ability to get things done. It is not necessarily specific to employment. It really is more along the lines of your calling. By that I mean vocation as opposed to occupation.

What you do for a living may have at its essence your calling and it may cause your gifts to blossom and strengthen. Your specific job is not necessarily your calling.

Those may be some loose thoughts that ned more copy, but today I just needed to get them out for you to think about so I could say this: If you are good at something, it is not because of you. It is a gift from God. Can you cook? Can you edit a document? Can you play with children? God gave you that ability. He has entrusted you with nourishing it and stewarding it.

Don't think it is you because when you start down that road it leads to pride and you just might see God reduce in you what is helpful. Love the Giver, thank the Giver and look to the Giver. He is the one who gives you all you have.

By the way, He gives you money too and He asks you for a portion of it back to build the Kingdom here on earth.

Good? God. Worship Well.