A Story, Laura and Words

The written word is powerful. I am sure you can think of great quotes and passages of literature from your youth that still stick with you. The opening passage of Dicken's, "Tale of Two Cities" or Hemmingway's, "Old Man and the Sea". And you all remember Hamlet's "Romeo and Juliet". Great writing.

"In the beginning was the Word," John writes, "..and the word became flesh..." Powerful pictures are created with words that touch the heart and soul. They form a story I think because that is what we find ourselves in: the story of redemption unfolding.

Now, when you set words to music, sometimes something deeper happens. Something that causes you to remember them and something that stirs a part of your soul that the words alone can't do.

Laura Story Elvington is about to release a CD with words that do just that. The CD is called, "Great God Who Saves" and this is not shameless promotion for it. This is an appeal to your soul to buy it and to have those you love buy it because it has soul stirring words and music that will help you in your walk with God.

I know that is bold but, I do not think I am biased, I really think God has done a work here. (so if I am biased, it is to Him, not her)

This weekend, those who come to Perimeter will be blessed to hear a live version of, "Great God Who Saves". Then on March 9th, Laura will host an evening for all who want to come during which she will share and sing and worship with us.

I know her story a bit, but even if I did not, in my own life I can sing with her, "I would have despaired if I did not believe that You would come to me." He is the great God who saves. Blessings