Lost and Found

I have not comented on the new season of "Lost" ...until now.

For those of you not in America, it may be the hottest television program we have here. I think you can go to and watch the video stream. But beware, it is complex. To sum up: an airplane crash put people on an island with alot of mysterious people. Some good and some not so good. The air crash survivors want to get off the island. Well some of them want to get off. Lots happens and we all get the sense there is something behind it all that is surely not good.

What keeps me "in" is that I have hope. I believe that some will get off the island and that the resolution at the end will be satisfying to me, the participating viewer. If I did not think that, I would stop watching. The cool thing is that, while I am waiting for resolution, I can actually enjoy knowing some things AND I can enjoy NOT knowing other things. The series has set the idea in our minds that it is exciting not to know. That is amazing.

So what don't we know? (spiritual turn coming up here) We don't know how communion really works, we don't know how the Spirit really blows, we don't know why some receive Christ and others don't and we don't know what the future in general holds. We do get the sense that something Good is behind it all though. That view should increase the joy, excitement and mystery in our lives.

On the other hand, we know alot of things too. Jesus came. Rescue in full is coming. The Spirit is working. Miracles are happening. We gain knowledge each week. Lets call it sanctification.

So today, I want to encourge you to enjoy your stay on the island. The sun shines from time to time, the wind blows and the waves roll in. Our community looks out to sea from time to time and then.......gets on with the work.

Worship Well