St Andrews and coming to Him

If you are ever in London and have a little time, there is one church you must worship at. St Andrews Sudbury is a place to go and take The Table. My friend the Rev Scroggie will host you as you hear the word preached and then come forward to Him. And it will be sweet. I was reminded of that today. Here is how it happened:

I ended up in the gym service today with a good friend. I sat at the back and two other good friends came and sat next to us. We smiled at each other as the service started. A good friend led service and it was a sweet time of worship. Friends worshipping.

Every Sunday we take communion in the gym. We do not do "stacked cups passed out" there. We have to go forward. The time came and people went forward. I listened and watched. Eventually, when the line had died down, I nudged my brother and said, "Want to take the table?" He smiled and followed me up.

As I went forward, I had the choice of two lines. One server I knew somewhat, the other a close friend. I switched lines so I could get in the line of my friend, so I could take the table from him. He spoke to me as I took the wafer and dipped it and I went back to my seat.

Communion. It is about coming forward and standing in front of the One you know, the One who cares for you. It is about receiving from a Friend through friends.

At St Andrews you will get that, and I am sure it will give you a lasting impression of good community. And.....if you are not in London, the gym may be the place for you. Blessings