How about my story?

Well, we are learning some new things these days in our household. I want to list a few, but maybe first make an over arching statement.

"When people are hurting they don't want you to tell them your story, or how something similar happened to a friend."

I have a few friends who are brilliant at following that rule. Pat, Bob and Bert to name three. When tragedy strikes a family, it is different then the tragedy that strikes another family, even if they are similar tragedies.

Every "hurt" is unique in the fact that it does not stand alone. It brings the family history with it and points to that same family's future.

So what to do?

Just showing up and not saying much is good. Calling and leaving a vmx saying, "Don't call me back!" is great. Theology? Not so much. Tears? Good in moderation.

Maybe your list would be different then mine. It is a good thing to think about, how to minister to those in need before the moment.

By the way, the Spirit does it to perfection, and I am finding out you can relax and not feel like you have to run after Him in the word or prayer. He sits quietly and comforts, no matter how you feel. He is an ever present help and He knows the uniqueness of your hurt.