Waiting for a call

I wonder if you can think of a time you were waiting for a call. Not just any call, but one you anxiously wanted to receive. Perhaps a call from a boyfriend or daughter. Maybe a sailor husband in port for a day. A son in prison. To add to the picture, perhaps the call could only be for five minutes and it had to happen at a certain time. If you were away from the phone, you would not get another chance until 24 hours later.

I don't know what you would do but, I would:

1. Praise God for cell phones, because I could go to the bathroom
2. Carry the phone with me everywhere
3. Cut short any "less important" call that came in near the time
4. Think about how I might listen and what I might say, to be prepared for the short time.
5. Be grateful we were allowed to talk.

Five minutes a day. He will call. The good news is, He gives you the freedom to set the time. I encourage fixing it, and then clear out the less important, think about what you might say, how you might listen and be grateful you were allowed to talk. Worship Well.