A Hard Rain

Dylan said it would happen. "A hard rain's gonna fall.." I woke up this morning to high winds and driving rain beating on our house. Crashing thunder, the kind that shakes the walls and foundations. Flashes of lightning so close you think they will for sure hit the house, they are so close and bright.

A quick prayer, "Lord, protect us through our house!"

I figured there would be damage. After a while I got up and opened the garage door to take the dog out. It was sprinkling. I thought for a moment, "Do I need an umbrella?" Nah, it is just sprinkling.

So we walked out. Guess what? Only a few branches were down. It was not as bad as I thought. He protected us through our house. He uses creation for His purposes.

Protection like that may not always happen in temporal terms, but it always does in eternal terms.

A hard rain will fall. It will. And you may have to go out without an umbrella when it rains. That will be ok too.