I have been ill this week and am just now at the point where I can think and write. I picked up a bug in India and it would not let go. Over the course of this week, things went downhill and I ended up having to go to the doctor yesterday. As part of the program, they weighed me. I had loss 8% of my body weight. It was a bit shocking.

So I am resting at home, on medication, drinking PLENTY of fluids and hope to be back in the next few days or so. My body needs time to recuperate.

I have been in Romans and as I approached the 6th chapter I once again reflected this morning on the great words of John Owen, that we are to be killing our sin, or it will be killing us. Either you are moving towards spiritual health or you are getting dehydrated. Now, I can relate to that a bit more. This week I have slept alot, but not well. I have had abdominal pain, but have not been able to alleviate it with food. I was getting dehydrated. I needed to get help and by the power of the free will God has given me, I needed to drink and take medication.

I did not know I had lost 2%, 4% then, just happened. I should have been smarter and had some type of check in earlier in the week, but hey, I am a guy, "Who needs doctors?" I do. It was stupid and thank God for my wife who forced me to go.

So, do you know you are dehydrated? Let me just say it, "Probably." Get to a doctor, get to the means of grace, get to prayer, get to a friend and ask him or her to take you to the cross for some spiritual nourishment. Then, don't forget: if you want to not just stay well, but get better, you need to stay in the process of sanctification. Only God can do the work, only you can ask.