Back and Blessed

We are back from a trip to India! I was blessed to go and participate in a time of worship, celebration and learning in India with Jeff, Jean, Ryan, Anthony and others.

I will post some thoughts as the week progresses. We helped dedicate ministry centers with our partners there. They loved us well as we had both our feet and souls washed. The whole team is processing. Our partners said we impacted their worship. We are grateful. They impacted us.

Thanks Scott and Jim! You guys rock. Post anytime!

OK, first thoughts: We do not worship together enough. The middle eastern view of worship is "together" and it is both often and for a long time. We are too busy to get together and too busy to stay together for a long time. Because of our paradigm we miss a blessing.

We tend to lean in the direction of "personal and private" worship. Question: Do we? Hard for others to know if we are worshipping privately but they miss you if you miss the group thing.

So I am thinking about getting a group together for worship. Not on a Sunday, that is a given. I mean on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for some praise and worship. Proximity will be an issue, but I hope God will make a way and a plan. Blessings.