What do you say?

What do you say? This weekend is commonly known as "Sanctity of Life Sunday."

What is a pastor to say? What do you say to a group of people who are as diverse as diverse can get? Some people are pro choice. Others think it is wrong. Some have had one. Some have adopted. Some can not have kids but desperately want them. Some are thinking about whether they should have one. Some are men and some are women. It would be hard to think of a more diverse group to speak to and pray for.

Intelligent people would say that it is a no "win" and only a fool would dare tread in and say anything.

Meet the fool. This weekend I will pray after we show a video celebrating life.

I am grieved that we have conflict and I wish Jesus would come and explain all things. I am sad that some people who want kids, can not have them biologically. I am grieved that some people are grieved who maybe wish things would have turned out differently. I am angry a bit I think at men, because it seems that we have made this a "women's issue."

Over all of that I am glad. Glad we know a God who is loving and forgiving and kind and caring. A God of second chances. A God who ministers to those who are hurting. I am glad because He has made me glad. And He is the Creator.

So that is kind of what I will say and pray, fool that I am. And by the way, all those people in the first paragraph are welcome at Perimeter. All of them. Even as we gently hold our beliefs, we welcome those who think differently. And we aim to minister and love and not judge and love (did I say that already?) people. Wherever they are at.

Worship Well and pray for me this weekend.