Wes and God

Wes came into the the Green Room yesterday just as I was about to meet with some men about a hard topic. (BTW, everyone should visit the GR. It is the place with soft lights and soft couches where we huddle to share and talk and pray and cry and learn during the week)

Anyway he came in to make a peanut butter sandwich. (We are too poor for Ramen noodles in WA). I watched him as he did it, spreading the butter over every morsel of bread. My daughters make sandwiches that way too. I tend to squirt the mustard or mayo on the bread but they, like Wes, carefully, lovingly spread the stuff over every part.

After he spread the peanut butter, (I was trying to start my session!!!) he took some honey and slowly poured it on. Poured it on. He lavished that piece of bread. I thought, "That is what it looks like."

We are the bread, just bread in a loaf. Unable to do anything. He comes along and, as John says, "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!"

In my hard meeting I thought, "Love lavished. That is what we all need to know"

Sometimes we need to be still enough for Him to apply the condiment of choice. It won't always be honey. It may be horse radish. But it is lovingly applied to our lives at the moment we need it. Worship Well

BTW. Next week I will blog less as I will be in India celebrating with our brothers there. Scott C will be guest blogging and perhaps I might even coax the master blogger Jim D to post a note or two.