On being the church

Some of us had a good prayer experience this week. The India Worship and Arts team was short financially. Way short. We suggested all be the church. What does that mean?

Pray and work. The work was to contact a small number of people and share. The prayer was to pray. To ask God.

At first it did not seem like the suggestion was well received. Pray and work? Just a few days remained. Despair could have set in. We asked people to do this:be faithful and do as you are told. Pray and work.

That is hard to do isn't it? Be faithful. Pray and work. Perhaps you find your self in a situation where you are "short" and you wonder how you will get there. Be the church. Pray and work.

Now, it does not matter how this story turned out does it? God is sovereign. We, the church, pray and work.