Pet Dental Month

February is national Pet Dental Month. Now you know. Our vet sent us a postcard informing us of the celebration and also letting us know about periodontal disease, doggie bad breath (I didn't need a postcard to learn that) and tartar build up. The postcard also said poor hygiene can lead to loss of appetite and irritability. Not my dog, I have a Lab.

The tag line on the bottom was ,"Your pet's health is our biggest concern" I am glad to hear that.

I wonder if there is an idea here though. We Christians and the calendar go back a long way. Should we let pet dental month take February? Maybe we could think about using February as Christian Mouth Month. (I am horrible with titles) CMM would be the month we send ourselves a postcard reminding us that what comes out of the mouth of man reflects what is in his heart. And that less talking is almost always good for friendships and that sweet words do not create cavities, but coat the soul with delight.

We might include some preventative thoughts on the power of the tongue, on setting the teeth of children on edge, on bitterness lodged in the throat. You get the idea... and we have eleven more months to go!

And for a "tag", "The health of His body is His biggest concern."

Worship Well