Snowed In?!?

First an important announcement: We will have a service tonight, at 6pm at the church*...but we didn't have one this what did you do? How did you worship?

I actually visited one of our church plants, Big Creek Church--now I don't say that to make you feel guilty, or make you think I'm super-spiritual, going to church when I had a convenient excuse to stay home. I actually had full intentions of sleeping in, but the Lord woke me up early, so I sought out a place to worship with a body of believers...Big Creek is really close by to me, and they were one of the few nearby that actually had a service this morning.

It was a very good time--They were a welcoming bunch: lead pastor, Jon Adams introduced himself within moments of me stepping through the door, and friend, Caleb asked me to sit with him, and introduced me to some of his youth. The service was great: we heard a story on how to support Rwandans by purchasing their coffee, were lead in a full time of worship, and heard a topnotch sermon on remembering that God is hallowed when we pray. They are in a sermon series on the Lord's prayer, and Jon admonished us to begin prayer with praise as Jesus' modeled, because when "praise is the priority" you remember how worthy He is and that He's capable of answering your prayers and more. It was a rich, healthy time--we can be assured that the Windward/McGinnis Ferry Rd area is in good hands with the community of Big Creek Church right there.

How did you worship this morning? It was a great chance to apply the sermon from last week, slowing down and reordering your heart. Perhaps you slept in a bit, and had a leisurely breakfast with family. Maybe you got outside and enjoyed the last bits of snow with the kids and the neighbors. Hopefully you cracked open the Word and sought the Lord together as well. Either way, I know you worshipped well, Perimeter, because our church is more than the service on Sunday morning...

That being said, it is important to worship corporately together, so Join us tonight! *Laura will lead us in worship--Charles Hooper will be bringing the Word. Nursery will not be provided*
Oh, and pray for Randy S and the India Worship & Arts team that is headed out on mission today. They are doing important work there, so lift them up all week. I (Scott) will be blogging some this week in his stead.