New Year

It is a new year by Gregorian standards. As I think about going forward I think about all the busyness that lies ahead. Perhaps you can look at your calendar and see the activities, deadlines and "must do" things you are locked in to.

I wonder if you and I could take a moment now at the beginning of the year and turn them over in two ways: First, do you really need to do all that stuff or are some of the things an attempt to feed your idols? Gut check. The second way to turn them over would be to Him. That sounds a bit trite, but I think He could be helpful here as you plow ahead into 2008. He may agree with me that some of the stuff really is feeding the idols.

One last thought, if you are the kind that looks at the calendar ahead. Block some time for a retreat. One day a quarter will do. Time alone with the One who can help you sort out what is valuable. Now is the time to book it, or the schedule will be full.