Getting Older on New Years Eve

We will stay home tonight and have some friends over for games. About 12:30a we will say good night. That is a far cry from past New Year's Eve experiences. From London's Leicester Square to celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh, we have had some New Year's Eve celebrations in the past.

This is not a Christian holiday, but for some reason we all like to mark the passing of time and the hope of a better new year don't we? Perhaps more so, we want to "be there" when the year changes, with the ones we like or love. We want to "see" the moment the clock turns.

So as I am thinking about it tonight, I am thinking about being there. About what it would be like to be there the moment the Lord returns. That will mark a change of time, of epochs of everything. Quite a celebration will happen that night.

So maybe that is a good New Year's wish for us all; to see the Lord's return and to hope for a better new year as His kingdom progresses down its historical path of destiny in 2008 AD.