We are ready, are we ready?

For Christmas Eve. We have a rehearsal or two to go and some work to get done, but after today, I would say, we are ready spiritually. I can feel the release of the hustle and bustle and the "entering in" to the joy of the celebration.

We have prepared and anticipated...now we celebrate! I don't want your expectations too high for Christmas, but I think most of us set them too low. We know the routine, the story and the meal. Our emotions stay flat, because it is so familiar.

I want to encourage us to "get up" for the day. Have some joy in our hearts and relish friendships and family. Engage and forget about the job, school, troubles etc. Just be with people you love. And listen and talk and laugh.

I hope that helps set the tone. By the way, I think Jesus did that. The day before He died.

Yes, there was serious talk at the table, but He spent time with the ones He loved. He listened and I imagine they smiled a bit.

So, lets enter in. The stuff on the list will get done later, or never. The chance to "time spend" with family will pass away soon. Happy Christmas!