Making wise choices

For many of us the holiday is here! I have to do that "work thing" Sunday and Monday but, for the rest of you, the holiday is here! Even school is out!

I know some of you will be working with me in various capacities, but I hope you plan as I do to take a few days off next week and I think most people will, so I want to encourage you to this end: Make wise choices for your time.

What do I mean by that? Well, you will not have work to get in the way. Unless you are one of those crazy types who brings it home with you on the lap top. You wouldn't would you over the Christmas holidays?

You will have some time here. Choose wisely. Some options: Sleep a little more. Watch a DVD late at night. Have some hang time with the family. Go out to window shop. Catch a movie. You can fill it up faster than God can make it. So, tonight may be a night to sit and think. Just for a few minutes.

How about you plan to spend five minutes a day thinking and praying and reading about the incarnation? Or maybe you purpose to squeeze Him into the dinner conversation Sunday night. Maybe you ask one of your loved ones how you can pray for them and then you do it. There are lots of ways to fill the time.

I sometimes get to the end of the holiday and I am less rested than I wanted to be, so that is on my agenda. Rest my body and mind and rest my soul in Him.

Here we go.

Enjoy. Laugh. Let Go. The incarnation is real and it really works. Worship Well this weekend.