Light the candle

I picked up the sand for the luminarias today. Our neighborhood sets them out each Christmas Eve. Even though we want rain in Georgia, we hope God will let it drop before 6 or after 10p tomorrow night. It is always special to drive home from church and see them lit. Hundreds, maybe a thousand in the neighborhood altogether. Glorious.

I don't know many people who do not like candles. There is something about them that is real and authentic: dripping wax, flickering light, and a warm flame. You know it will not burn forever, but it is peaceful while it does, especially if it has an aroma.

Jesus said for us to put our lamps on bushels. Our candles. Us. We will not burn here forever, but during this season we are called to be a pleasing aroma to those around us. They are to see that we are giving of our wax, that our lights are flickering and that our hearts contain a warm flame of the gospel. Hundreds, thousands of us. It should be glorious.

So I want to encourage you as we enter in now to the sacred moments. Be ready, trim the wick, and ask the One who has the match to light you up. Then celebrate!