Feeling the pain?

I wonder if some of us are stressed out. Final exams, shopping for gifts, deciding where to go for Christmas etc. There must be a bit of pressure on you this week. I have had some, but it has come in the area of a physical challenge. Gout. How is that for transparency. I am not the profiled candidate for gout, but I am currently limping around with an acute case. And I am thinking, "I have alot to get done this week!"

Slow down. Who am I talking to, you or me? Both of us. The season will come and time spent slowing down is what He has called me to do.

So I sit here tonight, leg propped up, with my daughter as she prepares for exams. A bit later I will quiz her in World History. It will be good. She too had to slow down tonight, and not take a babysitting job.

God needed to afflict me a bit. Maybe He will you too. I don't pray for that specifically, but I do pray that we will enter into "slo-mo" the next seven days and enjoy people as we glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.