Finals Exams and Allison

Allison, thanks for being guest blogger this week! Great thoughts, especially in the midst of UGA finals. You caused me to think alot about exams.

1. I am glad it is you, not me

2. I am glad Jesus will not have one for us.

He may ask us to tell the story, the simple story:

He created. We offended. He promised. He came. He did a work only He could do. He left and sent the Spirit. He will come again.

This advent, I am trying to repeat that in my mind. The simple story. He may not give us an exam, but it is helpful to have the knowledge in my mind and soul.

Of the seven short sentences, we are living in the last. He will come again, and when He does it will be better than this Christmas holiday for Allison post UGA finals.

In the mean time, I encourage us to read the book, rehearse our lessons and memorize the short answer by repeating it often. Worship Well!