Stuck on belief

Well, as Christmas is past, and as I think about the new year, and as I have some time for reading, I am thinking again about my lack of belief. I know some may get tired of me harping on this. "All he seems to talk about is belief!" Sorry. I am just thinking again that it is the root of my/our problem(s).

I can look at any, of my many, deficiencies and I can see that the root is that I am not believing the gospel. I am not believing that it is more that a fire insurance policy. So, once again I have to repent and ask for more faith to receive it, and to to believe it so I can live it.

Now that I "spewed" that out, I feel better. Perhaps I would encourage you to do the same. Look at your life and admit you do not believe. Then repent. There is no other way to move towards wholeness.

Now that we have both done that, we can look forward, and we can, and should, expect to grow in grace and knowledge of Him in 2008. More of Jesus. Less of us.

That could be a bumper sticker. Worship Well.