So this is Christmas

Many know I like the Lennon song that has the lyrics, "So this is Christmas and what have you done?"

As we headed down to the Freeman's house tonight after supper, to visit and pray, I thought, "It has been quite the year."

So this is Christmas.

Maybe we should be bold enough to respectfully ask God, "What have you done?"

For the Freeman's it was cancer cured and a grandchild born.

For us it was love lost for a daughter, an engagement, a divorce in the extended family, and aging parents.

For those in India it was farmers suiciding and the church growing.

And for you?

It really is a mixed bag, from man's perspective, but you know what? It is His bag. So what has He done? All that was needed. All that He deemed good and worthy of His name. He held the whole world in His hands. Preserved the law of gravity, so we do not fly off the earth. Continued to redeem His people. Loved us immeasurably more than we deserve. And sat at the head of whatever flooded your life. Good or bad.

So this is Christmas. And it is good. His Christ Mass. For His name, for His people. From their sins.

When we sang, "Joy to the world" tonight, we meant it. He has brought joy, true joy to all who are known by Him. Merry Christmas.