I knew today I would have to say something in writing tonight. I was in awe of the woman and followed her life over these years. I might not agree with all she stood for, but she stood. She was afraid and yet she was brave. She knew the odds were in favor of assassination when she went.

But the cause was greater than the self. The sacrifice and risk worth the potential for change. As a Christian, it is good for me to see people with a cause, and how they act, because I see Christ in them, the hope of glory, even if they are not Jesus followers. And as a Christian, seeing that somehow moves me to be more brave, to be less afraid, to know that the odds are in favor of persecution if we step into dark places where despots live.

The dark person on the other side of the gun held a hideous ideology that can not be tolerated by those who are humane. He held it passionately. We too must hold to our ideology with great passion. It breeds love and generosity and mercy. They will ever be ready. We should be too.

We should look to those who have gone before us, and the One who went before us, asking Him for the power to live as living saints for the cause of the kingdom and to bring change.

Tonight I grieve at the violence and for the family. Would you join me and, as you do, would you think about how you can step up and be brave for Him in your homeland, be that a workplace, country, school system or some other place where you live?