Speaking the love

I have been reflecting on how we speak the truth to one another. I certainly like it spoken to me in a soft, gentle way. A way which instantly melts my heart and does not cause me to be angry or realize I was wrong. A sweet truth that melts in my soul is what I like. Rarely does that happen, not because people do not speak gentle truths, but because it is hard for my logical mind to receive them into my heart. Why?

Perhaps because that is not the way I like to speak the truth. I want to get to the point, tell him or her what I think and get the truth out on the table where we can wrestle with it. The truth may hurt, but best to get the pain started so we (he/she/it) can deal with it. They need to know the truth! Don't they? Maybe, but truth transcends reason. I keep forgetting that.

As I reflect I think about how He speaks the truth to us. It is always designed to help us, never to hurt us. It is sometimes like a stiletto to the heart and other times it is gentle, like a wave; but an overpowering one. One that will not stop until sweet surrender is complete amidst tears.

I usually find I need the stiletto. Maybe that is why my tendency is to wield one. Perhaps most people do. Is that true for you? Is it as easy for you to ignore, or shove aside truth spoken gently, by using your rational mind? It is for me. So I need a stiletto.

Now here is where I need to be reminded. He owns the stiletto and uses it like a surgeon when and where He chooses and on whom. He is skilled. I am not, and when I wield it, I do damage. My stiletto is of the world. It is better to use the gentle words approach and pray to the One who has the stiletto. He will use it, and when He does it will be good and right. Even on me.

Worship Well this week.