Last Name

Most know I have a difficult last name. Schlichting. That is not what I always use though. Let me explain. Our dog Millie has done so much better since obedience school, but, she still likes to chase the cats and chew on slippers as well as other inappropriate things. The command the trainer has told us to use is, "Millie, leave it!" So as you can imagine, we often say, "Millie leave it!" The other day I said to my wife that Millie will begin to think that is part of her name. Millie Leave It.

As I began to think, I began to wonder about what I am called: Randy You Can't; Randy They Won't Like You, Randy They Will See Who You Really Are.

I am sure you can feel the idea here. It is all in a name. If you let your self be called it long enough, it becomes who you are.

So, can I encourage you to think about the self talk in your mind as well as what you let others call you? Why are you so downcast? You let the world define and name you. That's why. Put your hope in God. Your real name is Brother of Jesus, Adopted Son of God, and Heir of Salvation. That type of thing. Don't let others tell you differently. You matter. First and last name. Blessings