Final Exams

As some of you may know, my dad is out of the country right now, so he asked me to "fill" in for him. I am his middle daughter, Allison. I am a second year Management major and Spanish minor at the University of Georgia.

It's December. 12 days before Christmas. I have put the Christmas music back on my iPod and my roommate and I put our Christmas tree up weeks ago. I love Christmas, everything about it. There's a few problems though: 1. I'm still at school, studying for finals 2. It was 76 degrees outside today and I wore flip flops and shorts to my final the other day. The second of the two causes me to not do well at the first one-studying.

I have never been one to enjoy studying. I have also found over the years that studying is not "my thing." So how do finals work? I go through the "pre-studying" and then the "studying." Sometimes I look a lot more studious then I really am. But when it gets down to it, I apply what my parents always told me, I focus.

I have questioned why the Lord would create studying. Why can't He just bless me with all of the knowledge I need? Then I am reminded of what happened with Adam and Eve. They gained too much knowledge and caused all of mankind to fall, so I can't just know it all. I am also reminded that He is the Creator. He created it all, even Accounting. He loves it, so I should too. He wants me to learn about what He has created. To see what a great and mighty God He is.

A few years ago my parents told me that I can, and need to, worship through studying. Through even the hardest tasks we are called to worship and glorify Him. So, even if you aren't studying, worship Him in everything. Even in the things you don't like doing. With that, I will go and study for my last test, Spanish.